Many couples settle for a "good" marriage. Or worse, suffer through a difficult one. But your marriage can be joyful every day and be the catalyst to transform your future. We're here to help. Don't settle for average when you can learn how to be EXCEPTIONAL TOGETHER with this one-of-a-kind GROUP COACHING COURSE.


We're your Marriage & Family Life Coaches

Hello! We're Greg and Jennifer Willits. Since getting married in 1995, we've not only constantly worked to strengthen our own marriage, but have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the globe do the same for theirs.

Because of our unique experiences in matters of faith and broadcast media, including hosting thousands of hours of SiriusXM programs and podcasts, we are certain of a few marital truths:  exceptional marriages can beautify the world, good marriages can sustain it and bad marriages can damage it.  

We are committed to helping married couples build an exceptional life together regardless of their family and bank account size.  It's easier than you think.  

Don't think it's possible? Read on.


We'll help YOU and YOUR SPOUSE to be Exceptional Together.

Do you ever wish you and your spouse were on the same page sexually?

Does it sometimes feel like weeks (or maybe even months) since the two of you were intimate together?

How often do conversations about money or children devolve into arguments?

Wouldn't it be incredible to feel more in love with your spouse with each passing day?

Even if you believe that divorce is not an option and that it could never touch you, statistics say otherwise.  Divorce rates for adults over 50 have nearly doubled in the past 25 years and the average divorce rate is somewhere between 40 and 50%. 

We may not be able to fix all your financial woes, but we can show you how to never fight about money ever again.

We can show you how to overcome sexual dissatisfaction or frustration and how to transform your romance to be even better than on your honeymoon!

How satisfying would it be to no longer have miscommunications about money with your spouse?  We can help with that.  Why experience depression, anger, fear of disappointing family members, fear of not obtaining a secure future when you don't have to?

Why suffer through long nights in the bedroom where expectations fall apart over sexual intimacy?  Your bed should not be a breeding ground for resentment, frustration, inadequacy, loneliness, betrayal, lack of fidelity, and feeling unappreciated.  We'll help you rediscover true passion, love, acceptance, and compassion between the sheets.

Emotions can be amazing when they're positive, but when they're not, the right words are often the first to go.  Not knowing how to effectively communicate with each other during trials often leads to spouses feeling taken for granted, mentally and physically exhausted, out of sync and incapable of understanding one another.  

But what about YOU? How can you still be YOU, with all your hopes and dreams, while being married to your spouse who may have different dreams entirely?  How can you take care of yourself AND avoid guilt at the same time?   We can show you how to avoid these common pitfalls, too, as well as many others.

Even if you believe your marriage to be just fine as it is, is it exceptional across all of the key areas of an exceptional marriage? How do you align your values with each other throughout the years?  Are you in sync with how you balance issues of time, trust, faith, health and retirement?

If so, then congratulations! This program probably isn't for you. But if you honed in on a single weak spot that's keeping you and your spouse from being exceptional together, then why keep it that way?    

The great news is that no matter how long or short you've been married, these pains can be avoided, overcome, and successfully turned into areas of joy because quite frankly, you were meant to be exceptional together.

What is Exceptional Together?

Exceptional Together is an interactive online conference for married couples. Designed to meet the unique and custom needs of registered couples in attendance, we'll walk you step by step through what causes problems in marriages and show you exactly how to fix them. 

It's a one of a kind opportunity to learn how to fortify your exact marriage from the comfort of your own home.  No shoes required.

We'll share what matters most from our expertise in faith, marriage, family life and even individual pursuits.  Through our professional experiences with keynote speaking around the world, hosting satellite radio, and podcasting on faith, marriage and family life matters, we have already touched the lives of thousands around the world.

And now, we're ready to share it with you so that you don't have to waste another day feeling unexceptional with the spouse God gave you.  

It sounds like a tall order, we know!  But if you're willing to work with us and work alongside your spouse through the nearly 30 video modules and two 90-minute live and interactive sessions, we’ll teach you how to take the gift of your marriage and turn it into something that can be even more passionate, exciting, and hopeful than on the day you got married.  Now that's what we call a WIN!  

The only way to fail is to decide to do nothing.  


Six Live and
Interactive Sessions

Transform your ability to communicate in matters of money, family, sexual intimacy and more.  


Seats Are Limited
Reserve Yours NOW!

This unique interactive LIVE experience is limited to the first 50 couples.  Reserve your seats now!


Exceptional Together is for YOU.

Whether newlyweds or married fifty years, Exceptional Together can make good marriages exceptional.


Overcoming Pressure Points

Starting with the 10 Pressure Points of every marriage, we'll show you how to dig deeper into yourself both as individuals and as a cohesive couple. 

We'll teach you proven step-by-step methods that can turn issues in the bedroom into a deeper and more satisfying sexual relationship. 

We'll provide a pathway through the financial roadblocks that prevent you from living the lives you are meant to live, making it possible to overcome debt, save for the future, and grow in generosity towards others. 

We'll open up the specific benefits of giving your spouse time to explore personal growth and enrichment through activities and passions.

And through all these areas, we'll also provide clear and actionable guidelines for maintaining a true work/life balance that benefits the entire family. 

Finally, we'll show you how to develop healthy boundaries with extended family, friends, and work, and provide you a template to continue developing your marriage and growing more in love ever single day for the rest of your lives, truly living out a marriage that is Exceptional TOGETHER!

Make Your Marriage Exceptional Today.

Click the button to save your seat at this unique, interactive, and LIVE online course and start paving the way to being exceptional together...today. Your marriage deserves the best. The opportunity is right here, right now... You just need to take it.

Why Coaches?

The most successful people we've been blessed to know attribute their growth and success to coaches who provide the tools and guidance to take something great and make it exceptional.  

The need for coaching may not seem obvious when it comes to cultivating an exceptional marriage. Many think, "It's not therapy, so why bother?"  Others may think that paying for coaching is simply something that you can't afford. 

We've learned from firsthand personal experiences that we could have saved endless hours, had fewer regrets, achieved much greater successes, and even saved money by investing in coaching earlier in our marriage .

When you are coached by people who have already put in the time learning the skills you desire, you'll enjoy success and growth more quickly, easily, and abundantly.

Even better, the coaching you need is only a few clicks away.

Don't Miss Out!

No matter where you are in your marriage, this 6-Part Online Marriage Course can help you and your spouse to truly be

Learn from Our Personal Experiences and Those of Others

(and avoid our mistakes!)

During nearly 30 video modules and two LIVE and INTERACTIVE 90-minute sessions, we will share stories from our experiences not only in our own marriage, but in helping thousands of others through our various ministries and efforts in media.

Not only that but we will share insights that we have gained through conversations with some of the most notable writers and speakers on improving your life and helping others to do the same.  

Each session will include specific step-by-step formulas for not only fixing problems, but strengthening what's already strong. We'll cover the most important topics of married life but also provide intense growth opportunities for you as an individual, whether you're introverted or extroverted, outgoing or a homebody, newlywed or married for decades. 

You'll learn skills and conversational tools that you'll wish you'd known before you even got married! 

Having received these insights over years of media production focused on stronger marriages, we are absolutely confident that these sessions/topics alone are going to be extremely valuable and filled with actionable insights. 

And in addition to each of these live sessions, we'll also have interactive Q&A to help coach you through your individual areas of most needed growth!

In order to provide a more customized experience for you and your spouse, this marriage program has a maximum registration limit of only 50 couples.  And we want YOU to be one of those.

We know from the countless conversations we've had with listeners to our audio programs alone that what we'll share with you during Exceptional Together could help propel your marriage into a gift not only to each other, but to your children and their children and for generations to come.

Is This Experience For You?

The Exceptional Together LIVE Online Course is for you if:

  • You want to reignite the passion of the early days of your marriage,
  • If you feel overextended and believe your marriage could be more peaceful and loving,
  • You have the faith that enriching your marriage is something that you and your spouse should be doing,
  • You are determined to make your marriage not only work, but thrive and grow in happiness, contentment, and joy.

How Much Does It Cost?

First, don't think of providing tools, coaching, and new skills for your marriage as a cost. 

It's an investment.

When you make an investment, you rightfully expect a return on that investment. As with all things related to marriage, the more you put into it, the more you're likely to get.  The more you invest in your marriage, the more your marriage will be worth. 

The investment for all six individual course sessions is only $497 per couple (that's $497 total for each husband and wife!), and will likely increase in price for future sessions.  But that deal is limited to the first 50 couples who register.  Don't panic, though.  It shouldn't sell out right away.

If the only thing you got from attending this course was clarity about one right next step to strengthen your God-given marriage, it would be worth the investment.

If the only thing you got from attending this course was clarity on how better to communicate with your spouse, or how to have a closer and more intimate sexual relationship, it would worth the investment.

And if the only thing you got from attending this course was that you have tremendous value on your own, but with your spouse you are EXCEPTIONAL TOGETHER, it would worth the investment.

The good news is you won’t get just one of these things, you and your spouse will get all of them, and MORE.

When you take this course, you'll be coached on the following:

  • Develop a strategic blueprint detailing what makes you do what you do, overcoming limiting beliefs, and creating an immediately implementable plan for the future you want...together, 
  • Step by step methods to designing the life you want and achieving your dreams as an individual and as a couple, 
  • Specific strategies to positively respond to trials that sabotage and limit us and turn them into modes of transformation, 
  • Tackling negative dialogue inside your head and inside your marriage to more easily articulate your thoughts and improve communication with your spouse and others,
  • Strategies for tackling individual couple concerns like a frustrating sex life, financial worries, parenting issues and more.

Plus you'll get:

  • Exclusive access to member-only live webinar presentations
  • Access to 6 interactive Q&A sessions during each webinar
  • Templates for designing exciting goals for your present and future
  • Printable guidelines and worksheets to organize your thoughts and more easily share with your spouse
  • One year access to recordings of all of the live sessions 
  • Access to our notes and presentation slides for you to refer back to
  • And more!

It Is Decision Time

Right now you're looking at two very different paths.  The first looks much like the path you've been following already. Perhaps it's solid, but plenty of cracks and potholes have formed. New pressures and anxieties have crept in like unwanted weeds through the pavement and you're never really sure what is the best move to make going forward.

On the right is the road less traveled. It’s smooth and paved by all those who have already learned the tough lessons.

Choose the right road. Let’s walk that road together.


Space is Limited - Register Today!

Don't delay. This opportunity is limited to the first 50 couples only!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is registration?

Registration opens promptly at 10AM EST on Friday, May 25, 2018 and closes on Sunday, June 8, 2018 or when all tickets are gone.

When will I have access to the nearly 30 self-paced video modules?

The conference materials for Exceptional Together go live on Monday, July 9, 2018 at 12:01 AM EST.

What are the Dates and Times of the Course Sessions?

Each LIVE session will begin promptly at 10AM EST/7AM PST (to allow for both east and west coast participants).  The live sessions will be held on these dates:

  • LIVE SESSION 1 - Saturday, July 14 at 10AM EST/7AM PST
  • LIVE SESSION 2 -Saturday, July 28 at 10AM EST/7AM PST

How Long Is Each Unique Session?

The Exceptional Together LIVE Online course will be held via an exclusive webinar, limited to the first 50 registered couples.  Each of the two unique LIVE and INTERACTIVE sessions will last approximately 90 minutes, but we recommend planning for 2 hours as each session will have time for Q&A and we want to make sure we answer as many questions as needed, even if that means going over the scheduled time.

Will each session be different (i.e., do we need to attend each session)?

Each session will most definitely be unique and we encourage you to attend each one.  Even better, after each session we'll survey attendees to make sure the content we're providing most accurately addresses the needs of the participating couple.  

What if we miss a session?

No worries! Each session will be recorded and you'll have access to that recording for one year.

Is this a faith-based event?

Yes.  While the content is more universal in scope, we won't be preachy (or at least we'll try not to be). But we are Catholics and our viewpoint on marriage affects the way we coach and what we believe.

What if I or my spouse are not Catholic?

That's cool.  We still think you'll get a ton out of this event, and we'll try our best to point out any specific Catholic teachings and explain why they may be pertinent to particular sessions.

Since there are two of us attending (husband and wife), do we need to purchase two tickets?

Nope.  One ticket is good for one couple.  But upon registration we will ask each spouse to answer an individual survey questionnaire to help us make sure we're addressing all questions for both halves of the marriage.

Are there any other expenses?

Nope.  Because this is an online course, there's no need for airfare, hotels, or food.  Unless you want to eat something while watching from the comfort of your home during each session.  But please don't let us know as Greg will probably get hungry. 

Especially if you're eating popcorn. 

I Don't See My Question Here!

If you have any more questions that were not covered above, please feel free to email us at [email protected] 











We can't wait to have you be a part of this amazing event. Come and discover how you and your spouse can be Exceptional Together today!


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