Exceptional YOU: 21 Days to Greater Happiness and Change.

Your tomorrow depends on what you do today.


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Transform your future, discover more joy, and become the person you are meant to be. 

Don't allow past failures, pains, and more keep you locked into beliefs that may have worked in the past, but now cause pain. 

We're Greg and Jennifer Willits, and we understand what it's like to not believe in yourself. 

Like you, we've stayed up nights worried about retirement, relationships, illness, self-doubt, and living in perpetual states of feeling paralyzed by life. 

We've asked many of the questions you ask yourself:

Will I ever be good enoughWhy am I so haunted by my pastWhy can't I love myself more? Will my life always be like it is now? Why can't I just be happy?

It's a terrible way to live.  And you shouldn't.

But the truth is, if you don't take immediate action today, your tomorrow won't be much better.

We know a different way. Our unique experience in interviewing and learning from diverse personalities from Jesse Ventura, Kevin Bacon, Edward James Olmos and Newt Gingrich to Julie Andrews, Dr. Meg Meeker, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and countless others, as well as hosting thousands of hours of podcasts and SiriusXM radio programs has allowed us to help hundreds of thousands of others learn how to design a future that you not only deserve, but can start to experience NOW.  

Make Your Future EXCEPTIONAL.
Start Today.

It all starts with a first step. A firm decision. You can be happier. Your future is waiting. Click the button now to get started.

We'll show you the Exceptional YOU that you were made to be.

By signing up for Exceptional YOU, you'll get the complete A-Z on developing a customized blueprint for to lead you to a brighter future. It's the first of its kind that gives you the full blueprint, so no matter how much "work" you've done on yourself, you can bet you'll find success.

We’ll teach you how to identify the different types of thinking that keep you stagnant and paralyzed in life and transform those thoughts into powerful catalysts for enormous change and direction.  We'll teach you the intricacies of overcoming self doubt and instead build extraordinary confidence that will only grow stronger as you begin to see success in life.  We'll show you how to identify your greatest strengths and your weaknesses, and how to use both to achieve massive results in transforming the areas of your life that hold you back. 

Finally, we'll show you how to build powerful routines and simple productivity hacks that will free up time in your life, keep you laser-focused on your goals, and happier than ever as your dreams start to become a reality. 


Exceptional YOU is a 21-Day Course that helps you unravel unhealthy beliefs about yourself and life and to develop new, positive, and life-changing beliefs that will influence and direct the way you think, love, act, and more.

Designed to meet the individual of people like you who seek to live more exceptional lives today, we'll show you how to identify and face what's holding you back so you have the freedom to move more joyfully into the future.

It's a one of a kind opportunity to learn how to face the things from your past so you can overcome them once and for all, design a blueprint for the future you want, and to identify (and TAKE) action steps to obtain success in reaching it.

We'll share what matters most from our expertise in faith, relationships, work, and the ever important (but sadly most frequently ignored) individual pursuits that bring you happiness in life. 

Through our professional experiences touching the lives of thousands around the world with keynote speaking around the world, hosting satellite radio, and podcasting on nearly every difficult subject you can imagine, we'll show you the blueprint to increased freedom in your life.

You don't have to waste another day feeling unexceptional with the life God gave you.  

It sounds like a tall order, we know!  But if you're willing to work with us over the course of the over self-paced video sessions, we’ll teach you how to take the gift of your life and turn it into something that can be even more passionate, exciting, and hopeful than ever before.  Now that's what we call a WIN!  

The only way to fail is to decide to do nothing.  

Power Modules

Maximize the way you process new information and put advanced skills to work at your own pace with over 30 video modules and additional resources.  We'll lead you along every step of the way.


12 Hours of Video Instruction and Guidance

Covering everything from core beliefs, overcoming trauma and bad choices, forgiveness, communication, relationships, and much, much more, we'll lead you into a deeper way of relating to the world around you.


A Blueprint for Your Future

No matter how successful you already are, we want you to experience more happiness, freedom, joy, and peace of mind.  Knowing how to achieve these opens limitless doors.



We'll show you how to overcome the self-limiting beliefs that keep you from living going after the work you want, developing relationships that satisfy you, strengthening bonds with people you love, and obtaining the dreams and goals in your heart that never seem to become a reality.

We'll teach you proven step-by-step methods to not only overcome thoughts and behaviors that trap you, and but tactical strategies to set amazing goals and how to reach them with more peace and joy along the way.

We'll provide a pathway through the roadblocks that prevent you from living the life you are meant to live, making it possible face your fears (including financial insecurity, job dissatisfaction, anxiety and fear, and more).

We'll open up the specific benefits of exploring personal growth and enrichment through activities and passions that you may have long ago abandoned (and perhaps even forgot about).

And through all these areas, we'll also provide clear and actionable guidelines for maintaining a true work/life balance that provides the exceptional life you want to lead.

You Deserve to Be an Exceptional YOU

Take the first step in discovering yourself in a whole new way. Discover your future starting today.

Why Coaches?

The most successful people we've been blessed to know attribute their growth and success to coaches who provide the tools and guidance to take something great and make it exceptional.  

If you're not making progress on your own (if you're constantly feeling STUCK), why not make the investment in yourself and work with someone else who's been in your shoes?

We've learned from firsthand personal experiences that we could have saved endless hours, had fewer regrets, achieved much greater successes, and even saved money by investing in coaching earlier in our lives.

When you are coached by people who have already put in the time learning the skills you desire, you'll enjoy success and growth more quickly, easily, and abundantly.

Even better, the coaching you need is only a few clicks away.


No matter where you are in life, EXCEPTIONAL YOU can help you overcome your current and past difficulties to uncover the EXCEPTIONAL future in store for you.


(And avoid our mistakes!)

During overly 30 unique video modules we will share stories from our experiences not only in our own lives, but in helping thousands of others through our various ministries and efforts in media.

Not only that but we will share insights that we have gained through conversations with some of the most notable writers and speakers on improving your life and helping others to do the same.  

Each self-paced module acts like a building block as you construct the future of your dreams, with specific step-by-step formulas for not only fixing problems, but strengthening what's already strong. We'll cover the most important topics of life but also provide intense growth opportunities for you as an individual, whether you're introverted or extroverted, outgoing or a homebody, single or married. 

You'll learn skills and conversational tools that you'll wish you'd known years ago! 

Having received these insights over years of media production focused on stronger marriages, we are absolutely confident that these sessions/topics alone are going to be extremely valuable and filled with actionable insights. 

We know from the countless conversations we've had with listeners to our audio programs alone that what we'll share with you during Exceptional YOU could radically change your life in during just one of the many sessions.

Is This Experience For You?

The Exceptional YOU Online Conference is for you if:

  • You want to live each day with enormous joy and increased purpose,
  • If you feel overextended and believe your life could be more peaceful and loving,
  • You have a strong sense that getting help from seasoned coaches is something that will improve your life,
  • You are determined to not only put in the work, but experience a life constantly growing in happiness, contentment, and joy.

How Much Does This Cost?

First, don't think of providing tools, coaching, and new skills for your life as a cost. 

It's an investment.

When you make an investment, you rightfully expect a return on that investment. As with all things related to life, the more you put into it, the more you're likely to get.  The more you invest in your life, the you'll enjoy the fruit of your investment.

Secondly, ask yourself how much it will cost you if you DON'T do this?

How much will it cost you to remain exactly where you are today?  How much will it cost you in terms of lost happiness, lost joy, and lost dreams? 

The investment for EXCEPTIONAL YOU, including the 12 hours of instruction and guidance in over 30 video modules, worksheets and templates, and more is only $497, and will likely increase in price for future sessions. 

If the only thing you get from attending this course was clarity about one right next step to improve your life, it would be worth the investment.

If the only thing you got from attending this course was clarity on how better to communicate with others, or how to have deeper relationships, it would worth the investment.

And if the only thing you got from attending this course was that you have tremendous value and that it is possible to for you to experience an Exceptional YOU, it would worth the investment.

The good news is you won’t get just one of these things, you will get all of these, and MORE.

When you take this course, you'll be coached on the following:

  • Develop a strategic blueprint detailing what makes you do what you do, overcoming limiting beliefs, and creating an immediately implementable plan for the future you want, 
  • Step by step methods to designing the life you want and achieving your dreams as an individual, 
  • Specific strategies to positively respond to trials that sabotage and limit us and instead turn them into modes of transformation, 
  • Tackling negative dialogue inside your head to more easily articulate your thoughts and improve communication with your spouse and others,

Plus you'll get:

  • Exclusive access to member-only webinar presentations
  • Access to nearly 30 video modules
  • Exclusive access to interactive Q&A sessions during each live session
  • Templates for designing exciting goals for your present and future
  • Printable guidelines and worksheets to organize your thoughts, dreams, and goals,
  • One year access to recordings of all of the live sessions 
  • Access to our notes and presentation slides for you to refer back to
  • And more!

It Is Decision Time

Right now you're looking at two very different paths.  The first looks much like the path you've been following already. Perhaps it's solid, but plenty of cracks and potholes have formed. New pressures and anxieties have crept in like unwanted weeds through the pavement and you're never really sure what is the best move to make going forward.

On the right is the road less traveled. It’s smooth and paved by all those who have already learned the tough lessons.

Choose the right road. Let’s walk that road together.



Do I have to be available for videos at a certain date and time?

Nope! Our original courses were live sessions, but because of the overwhelming amount of requests, all video modules are now available on demand! 

When will I have access to the over 30 self-paced video modules?

As soon as you register for the program, you'll have access to the first 27 videos with more added within a few days (if not already)!.

What are the Dates and Times of the LIVE Conference Sessions?

Any live webinar sessions will be announced on the class portal as well as via email announcements.


Is this a faith-based course?

Yes and no.  While the content is more universal in scope, we won't be preachy (or at least we'll try not to be). But we are Catholics and our viewpoint affects the way we coach and what we believe.

What if I am not Catholic?

That's cool.  We still think you'll get a ton out of this event, and we'll try our best to point out any specific Catholic teachings and explain why they may be pertinent to particular sessions.

Are there any other expenses?

Nope.  Because this is an online course, there's no need for airfare, hotels, or food.  Unless you want to eat something while watching from the comfort of your home during each session. 

I Don't See My Question Here!

If you have any more questions that were not covered above, please feel free to email us at [email protected] 


Don't delay any longer. We can't wait to have you be a part of this amazing event. Come and discover how you are meant to be EXCEPTIONAL!


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